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  • Welcome to my blogsite!

  • Hi! I'm Netell- wife to an amazing husband, mother to 3 industrious boys and one little lady, pediatric nurse, and photog. I joke that photography is my addiction, but truly, it is. It is a way for me to see the world, and the people in my life, in such a way that I never before thought possible. I love what I do, and do what I love.

{Terrific Two | Salt Lake City Children’s Photographer}

First off-these twin boys could not have a better mother!  Watching her play with and sing to her boys, no matter how cold and windy it was, was so inspiring.  I feel like I always look a little bit like a circus show when photographing toddlers, but this session may have taken the cake with the two of us and all of our sound effects.  Their favorite seemed to be that of a crashing plane.  Go figure!  They were crazy fun, and the faces they could pull on request ( look for “shy face” in this post) were just plain awesome. 


{Mr. Party Pants | Salt Lake City Children’s Photographer}

Meet Mr. Party Pants.  I can’t even tell you what went into pulling this session off in the downtown Salt Lake City studio.  Let’s just say mom bought balloons more than once and it seemed like everything was determined to stop us.  Finally, with everyone feeling better, rashes gone, dad back in town, and the day BEFORE mom totaled her car, the stars aligned.  He is so full of expression, personality and adventure.